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Minum kopi

5 years? 6 years? I can’t remember the exact year I had started choosing bon café as my morning coffee.

So I’m not really sure for how long this coffee’s brand I’ve been addicted to. Until yesterday, yes…until yesterday. Before the divorce took place yesterday’s evening let me tell you this bon café suits me very well. The 1st one is its taste.

Yeah, I really love the taste coupled with it’s compatible to the price. Before this the price is only 10 bucks / 100gm. Cheap, isn’t it? A bit cheaper than nescafe. But the taste is far more, hmm, than nescafe.

There was a time I think my love for bon café would never last. But we don’t know, everyone doesn’t know what may happen tomorrow, let alone years ahead.

Yesterday’s evening when I was looking for bon café (version colombiana with red sticker) . . . oh, before that fyi I always buy it at pasaraya gergasi instead of tesco. The reason is, mmm I can get 1 ringgit less. And unfortunately I couldn’t find one except for other versions.

Well, well I didn’t want to buy other than colombiana. You know whenever I go to any pasaraya by the time I pass through coffee section, my eyes would always widely open than usual. Perhaps I’m one of malaysians people who knows almost all the brands that available here.

Long story short: I bought a new brand, davidoff café – espresso 57 version. The price is much higher. Almost 30 bucks for 100gm. So what could I say? Right after my first sip of davidoff café? Hmm very sad, my love for bon café dah tidak macam dulu lagi…

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